Stéphanie admits it straight away: what gave her the idea to create Bee's Knees was the desire to circulate spontaneously bought clothes. Social consciousness? Alternative to fast-fashion, who sees tons of clothes in good condition ending their life in a landfill? Yes and yes, but above all the desire to play with fashion, to lend, exchange, dress up; to open your wardrobe to friends, to unearth THE forgotten pearl in a cupboard.

Graduated in fashion and of entrepreneurial nature, Stéphanie felt the need to live from her passion for the upgrading of our wardrobe... and to share it with us! She sees new style opportunities. Just trust him!

A graduate in Business and Environmental Studies, Alice talks about circular fashion on her IG @slowfashionminds account. More specifically on how to stop the toxic cycle of overconsumption by buying in an ethical and fair way! A fan of second-hand shopping, she manages our social networks and takes care of the smooth running of the shop!

Come and meet us and together, let's take part in the Fashion revolution!