Articles due November 2023

Items Due November 2023
Distributors SKUs Products
Adrienne P adp-1723-07-R Zara snake red dress
Albin B AlB-2823-04-R SYM black and white checked pants
Alexandra RR
ALRR-2923-05-R Xtaren Palette Top
ARR-3823-05-R AN red suede pants
Alexandra Semille als-1523-21-R Poly Esther pink shaggy jacket
Angela F
AnF-1923-04-R Blue pink crocodile polo shirt Lacoste
anf-4022-02-R Parasuco jeans with studded pockets
Aniket S AnS-4323-04-R Camouflage fleece pants size 38
Anne G mge-2323-04-R Crew neck glitter pink H&M
Anneka LT AnL-2723-24-R Teenflo Burgundy Coat Jacket
Anouck C
AnC-3323-13-R Black jeans with flared legs and buttons Zara
AnC-3323-14-R Zara black flared leg jeans
Aurelie P
AuP-3323-07-R Dark turquoise sweater with black lace Sandro
AuP-3323-13-R Long denim skirt with front and back slit
Blandine L bll-5222-01-R TNA Green Plaid Hoodie Shirt
Camilla E.M. CaEM-3423-29-R Lovechild black jacket with cherry
Camille Mont Cam-4222-50-R Sailor wool sweater
Camille Morin
Cam-4922-29-R Navy pencil skirt with zippers Lacoste
camr-5222-24-R Best Mountain Green Wrap Dress
Carole M CarM-3023-07-R Zara beige pink leggings
Caroline C Cac-1323-02-R Beige waxed raincoat Comptoir des Cotonniers
Catherine L
cal-1722-100-R Black champion t-shirt
cal-3422-77-R Blue linen pants
Celine Janiere cej-1921-08-R “Double-breasted” navy skirt
Charles Sirisawat chs-0523-07 Edwin's straight jeans
Chloe ZLR CZL-4023-04-R Mexx Gray Knit Sweater
Christiane L chz-1323-06-R Corduroy gap pants
Dori DoR-3923-10-R Kikit pink pajamas set
Elisa B ElB-4123-02-R Volcom reversible black satin bomber jacket
Eliza G Elg-1523-11-R Uniqlo navy blue pants
Emilie Ban emb-0823-19-R Lord & Taylor gray striped turtleneck
Emily Bai EmB-4123-04-D Zara size 42 ripped knee jeans
Emma P Emp-2323-02-D Duer straight jeans blue
Gabrielle C
GaC-3623-01-R Mango black cropped blouse
GaC-3623-03-R Leopard gauze crop cami
GaCo-2723-02-R H&M glitter bomber jacket
GaCo-2723-06-R Black and white sweater top Shop
Gaelle Dew GDW-1623-02-R Levis relaxed fit jeans
Genevieve P Gep-1323-06-R Blue swimsuit top with bow
Geraldine S Ges-2223-06-D Black mavi jeans
Grace S GrS-4223-08-D Pale mom hight rise jeans 28 Gap
Haley Haz-1523-13-R Wilfred Free black leggings
Helene L
HeL-3323-01-R Geox nude ballerina
HeL-3323-02-R Gray Fashion nova bodysuit
Ingrid InK-2323-01-D Gray sleeveless vest 3 suisses Collection
Isabelle V isv-4822-14-R BCB generation shimmering cream dress
Ivana J IvJ-2023-01-D Uniqlo black long skirt
Jeanne DB
Jed-1123-01-R Ezs gray-beige pants
Jed-1123-03-R Gray and white striped knitted sweater with small hearts Frank and Oak
Jeanne P IP-3323-14-D KOOKAI red wool sweater
Jordan T JoT-3123-05-R Red dress In Every Story
Kimberly Tr KiT-3423-09-R Vans Jeans
Kristina Nel KrN-4323-16-R Morgado small black leather bag
Laura Bou lab-1522-02-R Eagle Boots
Laurie B LaB-3023-10-R Skinny jeans Acne
Linda F lif-4822-03-R Promod black shorts
Lisa F LiF-3423-07-R Brown houndstooth corduroy pants
Liz A LiA-3723-05-R Navy flat pleat skirt
Marie-Christine H MCH-4023-08-R Fidelity low waist jeans
Mariella G mag-0123-03-R Leopard Banana Republic Coat XS
Melissa L mel-0323-12-R Black fringed skirt bcbg maxazaria
Milly A mia-3822-01-R Mafia Style Asymmetrical Blazer
Mounira T MoT-3623-07-R Guess ripped and beaded jeans
Ornella C OrC-3623-04-R Elenza shiny striped skirt
Sam S
SaS-3923-02-R Cream American Eagle Collar Sweater
SaS-3823-09-R Reversible pink cami crop
SaS-3823-19-R Arizona khaki cargo pants
Sarah K sak-3022-05-R Black Velvet pink Dress Wilfred
Sarah T SaT-2523-06-R Burgundy mauve crocodile heel ankle boots Topshop
Sian Chu
SiC-3323-05-R Roots jeans Canada
SiC-3323-01-R Theory beige silk cami
SiC-2723-09-R Agent Provocateur black lace bra
SiC-2723-05-R Theory black skirt
SiC-2723-02-R Rag & bone cream white lace blouse
SiC-2723-03-R Ted Baker black ruffled cami
Stellie G
StG-2923-01-R Cokluch gray top with white sleeves
StG-2923-05-R Mango green tunic
StG-4023-04-R Dynamite diamond knit skirt
StG-4023-07-R Green beige printed dress Charlior
Stephanie H
StH-3423-01-R Champion gray and dark blue sweater
StH-3423-06-R Bongo jeans size 1
StH-3423-16-R Gray Adidas Yankees T-shirt
Thirst Thrifting
ThT-3323-04-R Brown Gauze Bodysuit
ThT-3323-05-R Pretty little things white long sleeve bodysuit
ThT-3323-12-R Camel suede Escalade set
ThT-3323-14-R Revamped denim skirt
ThT-3323-21-R Patterned gold camel pants
Valerie R
VaR-2623-01-R Silence + noise gray blazer
VaR-2623-04-R Beige blazer jacket
VaR-2623-05-R Brown corduroy jacket United Color of Benetton
VaR-2623-06-R Black corduroy jacket United colors of Benetton
VaR-2623-07-R Black velvet jacket Atos Lombardini
ymilse r
YmR-3823-01-D Adrijaz gray dress
YmR-3823-04-D White t-shirt with 2 holes Zara