Item to collect February #3 2024

Due February #3
Albane Guy Design House black and white cotton scarf Alg-1323-14-R
Alix Bonin Dr.Marten Brown Boot ALB-4823-01-R
Alix Bonin Le Château vintage green cardigan ALB-4823-02-R
Amaïa Pelletier Black Ivy Park Crop Hoodie AmP-2723-04-R
Amaïa Pelletier Flash Bash Hoodie AmP-3823-07-R
Amelie Michalski Promod green braided headband amm-0523-81-R
Anouck Cholet Necklace with beige wooden ball AnC-3323-10-R
Anouck Cholet Necklace with turquoise beads AnC-3323-11-R
Anouk Cholet Triangle earrings anc-2923-04-R
Anouk Chollet Black rings anc-2923-01-R
Bee's Knees Crew neck girls Claudie Pierlot BK-3923-07-D
Bee's Knees Hudson flared jeans (29) Bk-4823-42
Shop Bee's Knees Bracelet with buckles ReGil-2821-21-R
Shop Bee's Knees Necklace with shells ReGil-2821-23-R
Catherine Lehouillier Amomento straight jeans cal-3822-01-R
Catherine Lehouillier Gray knitted bone with pink line cal-0323-14-R
Claire Donati Black felt hat cld-0523-04-R
Claudette Girard Red pearl and ball earrings ClG-2223-03-R
Dalila Assefsaf Pyramid earring daa-1023-04-R
Dori Ross White doctor martens boots DoR-3923-01-R
Elsa Rosdhal Gray short-sleeved cardigan ElR-0224-03-R
Grace Skehan Jeans elastic xs Oak + Fort GrS-4223-07-D
Haley Zylberberg Blue floral turtleneck J.Crew HaZ-3523-10-R
Ivanina Popova Aldo Black Suede Over The Knee Boots IvP-4323-07-R
Karyne Marin Silvano Sasseti gold leather boot KaM-4123-01-R
Karyne Marin Clark's black high heeled boot KaM-4123-02-R
Laura Conouge Paysley flower scarf in green Lac-1323-01-R
Lou Beauchesne Copper necklace and black beads LoB-4023-10-D
Marie-Anne Clarke Black thigh high boots PaH-3923-01-R
Marie-Christine Hurtubise Size 29 Hudson jeans MCH-4023-12-R
Marie-Estelle Marjollet Pistola 28 Jeans MEM-4523-02-R
Martine Chapdelaine Green Bogs Boots BeO-3823-03-R
Maryam Delgarm Vintage diamond and pearl earring MaD-2723-09-D
Maryam Delgarm Vintage golden earring MaD-2723-11-D
Maryam Delgarm Flower earring with diamond MaD-2723-14-D
Maryam Delgarm Pink shell pattern earring MaD-2723-17-D
Maryam Delgarm Vintage multi color earring MaD-2723-19-D
Nancy Mancini Olang black winter boots NaM-4423-01-R
Natalie Bouchard Trial factory leather heeled boot NaB-4323-01-R
Pascale Tremblay Yellow beret pat-4222-01-R
Raven Adamson Fred David patterned red shirt RaA-4023-03-R
Roxane Belec Rag & bone skinny jeans RoB-2823-01-R
Samantha Sagredo Carpenter jeans black refuge denim SaS-3823-07-R
Samantha Sagredo BAA blue/white hoodie SaS-3823-11-R
Sarah Tripodi Missguided black blouse SaT-2523-03-R
Sophie Leblanc Doc Marten black 8 Sol-1123-04-R
Stephanie Massih Crew Neck Yosemite Zara StM-4823-05-R
Sylvie Guerrero Dr Martens 8 hole SyG-4223-02-D
Sylvie Martel Round earring sym-1123-11-R
Sylvie Martel Star pin sym-1123-19-R