Location: Comment ça marche

Bee's Knees offers dress rentals for an evening/day up to three days maximum. Are you looking for a cocktail dress without breaking the bank and being conscious of the environment?

Rent a dress instead! The fittings are scheduled at our Studio in Rosemont called "The Cadbury Lofts".

How we work:

1) Go to the dress rental page. You can see a preview of the dresses we have. We have a lot more options at our studio that are not featured on our website.

2) Send us an email at info@boutiquebeesknees.com to request an appointment with your availability.

3) You can also book a dress on our website and pick "Lofts Cadbury" as the pick-up location.

4) Pick up the dress! We have heels and jackets to go with the dresses in case you need them.